Abba Shrine Mobile Alabama

A Chapter Of Shriners International

Shriners Creed

Shriners believe in God and that he created man to serve his purpose, among which is service to others in his name. We believe that care for the less fortunate, especially children who suffer from burns and crippling diseases, is our institutional calling. We are patriots, each willing to serve his country with fidelity and courage. We cherish independence under law and freedom with responsibility. We honor family.

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Shriners Believe in Brotherhood

Shriners are a brotherhood of men committed to family, engaged in ongoing personal growth, and dedicated to providing care for children and families in need. Our backgrounds and interests are diverse, but we are bound together by our shared values and a desire to have fun, do good and build relationships that can last a lifetime.


Shriners come from all walks of life. We are plumbers and professionals, salesmen and CEOs. We are fathers, uncles and sons.


The Imperial Divan is the international governing body of Shriners International. The highest leadership position within Shriners International is Imperial Potentate.


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Welcome to the Abba Shrine

Shriners belong to a brotherhood of men dedicated to fun and fellowship but with a serious purpose - that of supporting what has become known as the “World’s Greatest Philanthropy,” the 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children composed of 18 orthopedic hospitals, three burn hospitals and one hospital that provides orthopedic, burn and spinal cord injury care. Since the first Shriners Hospital opened in 1922, these hospitals have cured or substantially helped more than 600,000 children - all at no cost to the parent or child.

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